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Our Rich History

Consistently Driving Auction Sales Since 2008

For over a decade AuctionBase has been delivering auction solutions that help drive auction sales using the power of digital technologies.

Year 11


AuctionBase Social Launch

AuctionBase launches Social Media as a Service to auctions worldwide.

AuctionBase, a full-service digital marketing and technology firm, launches phase one of a four-part digital roll-out for Auctioneers. The first of a four-phased roll-out, Social Media as a Service (SMaaS), provides expert social media solutions that are designed, developed, and tested for the unique nature of the Auction industry.


Roll-out Schedule

  Q1 2018 - SMaaS - Social Media as a Service
  Summer 2018 - Auction Web + App
  Fall 2018 - Auction Data Reports
  Year End 2018 - Online Bidding Platform

Year 10


1 Million Campaign Reach

AuctionBase Auctioneer hits 1 million reach in one month.

2017 was a record year for reach, engagement, and auction sales. Overall 6 million reach in 2017 with a record breaking 1 million reach in May alone with over 100k+ video views and 64k engagements.


Major Accomplishments

  300% increase in auction revenue in 3 years
  97% catalog retention rate 5+ minutes
  100k+ catalog views
  6 million reach

Year 9


Converting Data Into Action

State of the Heavy Equipment Auction Market Study.

AuctionBase transforms massive data into meaningful metrics visualizing 34 Key Categories.


Major Accomplishments

  Two year study across 5 auctions companies studied
  1 million+ auction items analyzed
  34 Key categories visualized
  Online vs. live price analysis

Year 8


Data Driven Auctioneering

AuctionBase Launches Microsoft PowerBI, Business Intelligence Reporting Platform.

AuctionBase develops a state-of-the-art business intelligence platform measuring key performance points to better understand buyers, habits, and buying cycles. The PowerBI reporting dashboard was instrumental in winning game-changing contracts that increased auction revenues exponentially.


Major Accomplishments

  Deliver monthly dynamic reporting
  Build custom reports from raw data
  Normalize CUS data going back to 2005
  Develop performance measurements

Year 7


Social Media as a Service is Born

AuctionBase combines the best proven social media services into AuctionBase SMaaS.

After four years driving auction sales with social media AuctionBase develops its flagship social media service and launches with select auctioneers.


Major Accomplishments

  Introduces paid + organic
  Introduces video only social media
  Incorporates organic social sharing
  Opens up world-wide market with pinpoint precision

Year 6


Auction + Web Management

AuctionBase Introduces New Control Panel.

AuctionBase introduces new simpler control panel and Web CMS combining all the great features of the digital Auction catalog with easy to use Website content management features.


Major Accomplishments

  Order auction items
  Featured auction item sliders
  Featured items video + photo gallery
  Dynamic page creation + rich snippets

Year 5


Ground Breaking New Layout

AuctionBase Introduces Modern Layout.

Revolutionary new layout introduces gallery style layout to the Auction Industry leading the way in innovative design. The new layout focused on delivering optimal viewing to browsers of all sizes.


Major Accomplishments

  Decrease in Web bounce rate
  Increase in unique visitors
  Increase in time on site
  42% increase in return visitors

Year 4


AuctionBase Mobile

AuctionBase Adopts New Mobile Design.

With more users adopting mobile browsing the importance of designing auction catalogs for all sized browsers was the key in expanding the AuctionBase reach and delivering exceptional user experiences.


Major Accomplishments

  Simple mobile layout
  Increased mobile users
  Faster loading mobile service
  Compatible with all mobile brands

Year 3


AuctionBase Facebook Integration

AuctionBase Develops Facebook Auction App with Seamless AuctionBase Catalog Integration.

As early as 2009 AuctionBase was taking advantage of Facebook's app features. Long before Facebook Marketplace, AuctionBase introduced Social Simulcast, a seamless integration of the AuctionBase catalog with Facebook. With just a click, auction items instantly were added to Facebook auction catalogs.


Major Accomplishments

  Integrates with Facebook API
  Add items to Facebook catalog with one click
  Unlimited Facebook Auction Catalogs
  Provides content management to Facebook pages

Year 2


Featured Items

AuctionBase Adds Featured Auctions.

Featured Auctions was added for two important purposes. 1. Showcase upcoming auction events and 2. as an element of SEO architecture. AuctionBase SEO architecture focused on increasing the online footprint and adding searchable content to Google for indexing.


Major Accomplishments

  Enhance the user experience
  Add searchable content for Google indexing
  Enables the auctioneer to feature upcoming events
  Notifies users of the type of auction: live, online, or offsite

Year 1


AuctionBase Websites

AuctionBase Launch.

AuctionBase launches state-of-the-art auction Websites that combine modern features with the Auction catalog and integrated with social media.


Major Accomplishments

  Includes Website CMS + Blog
  Integrated Auction Catalogs
  Integrated Marketing Email + CraigsList
  One click auto post to Facebook

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