Start-Up Auctioneer

Organic Growth

Local Network

On average 3.5k - 8k organic reach per post with less than 50 native fans.

The Results

Vehicle Auctioneer: Client Since 2017

  15% increase in auction sales in the first campaign cycle
  500+ organic shares
  40+ active leads
  2500 results

Nationwide Sales Campaign

Monthly Event

Hybrid Organic & Media Buying

Organic and paid social media AD buying campaigns drive 53% higher revenue for sales events where social media was deployed as opposed to events where it was not.

Data Driven Decisions

Growth Strategy

Increasing Market Share with Social

Data collected and tracked using business intelligence was the number one contributing factor in developing social media campaigns that drove a 300% increase in revenue in 3 years.

Established Auctioneer

Record Sale

Managed Social Media

Highest grossing sale in auction's 25 year history.

The Results

Heavy Equipment Auctioneer

  300% increase in auction revenue in 3 years
  6 million reach 2017
  100k average catalog views per month
  46k average results per campaign
  3% average bounce rate
  2x realized price than closest competitor

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